Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stay cool, Mamacita

It has been absolutely miserable here lately. This past week has been 90+ degree weather and sunny, and let me tell you if we could have planned the timing better, we would have! It's been so hot the air conditioner can't really keep up and gets up to about 80 inside. And normally that would be perfectly comfortable for me, but with thirty-something extra pounds... OH and the air conditioner threatened to give up last night and I nearly had a conniption! Thank goodness it's still working and I guess last night was just a fluke?

Anyhoo, I thought I would share a couple of things I've been doing to stay cool and to combat this insane swelling I've suddenly had the pleasure of enduring.

1. TAKE IT EASY! Everyone keeps telling me this, but being an type A personality, I don't relax very easily. But after only a half hour of weeding/pruning in the yard made me sick enough to lose my breakfast Monday, I've learned. I have to promise myself every day I won't overdo it.

2. Take breaks often. Actually, I have to take them before I think I need them. I don't know what it is, but I won't know that I've gone on too long until I stop. That's when I feel awful. Again referencing the near heat exhaustion from Monday. I felt fine until I came inside, then I noticed my heart was fluttering, then the nausea, then the vomiting. (And can I tell you how pissed I get when I throw up? It's like the last three hours of good nutrition down the drain, literally!)

3. Drink water. Lots of it. Not that I've had much of a choice. My throat has been sooooooo dry, I'm up to about seven bottles of water a day!

4. Ice. Or frozen peas, or frozen wet washcloths. I started just putting these on my ankles and feet for the swelling, but when it gets crazy hot (or nauseous) I've added them to my chest, head, belly, hands and thighs. And boy does it feel great!

5. Get your A/C maintenanced! This means in your house and car. If you've put it off because of the cost, or you're trying to not run the a/c as much because of the bill, get over it and do it. It will be money well spent! I had to learn to forgive myself for running the air all day when I realized the alternative is just not pleasant.

6. Stay inside during the hottest parts of the day. From 1-5pm I stay inside and work on the chores or projects I can do in the house. Preferably sitting down with my feet propped up and iced!

This past weekend I went home to Meridian, Mississippi to visit with the family and had baby shower #3. It was a-freaking-dorable! Of course I forgot my camera, but my sister and mom took photos and I'm just waiting to get a hold of them. Oh, and I'm thisclose to finishing the dresser for the nursery. I'm hoping tomorrow will be the day, we'll see...

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