Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Two Months!

First, here's Whit's one month old picture. In the chaos, I did manage to take a few, just haven't had time to blog. Priorities, folks! And here he is at two months. What a difference four weeks make! 

I adore the fact he looks like he's doing the Popeye dance! 

At two months, Whit...

...weighs in at about 12 lbs. (I'm guessing here, but we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we'll have some accurate measurements soon.)

...smiles A LOT! And may even be trying to laugh, we can't tell if his new grunt or his sounding like he's gasping is about to become giggles, but he's definitely up to something. a morning baby. He is his happiest in the morning and any time he's on his changing table. But around 6:00 happy baby goes away and leaves behind a grumpy little man. 

...loves car rides and our walks around the neighborhood, when he stays awake for them. Out of nearly twenty walks, he's only been awake for three and he was a big fan. Car rides? Fuhgetaboutit, this kid is out in about two minutes of being in a car. (Totally gets that from me) a big boy! He's graduated to size 2 diapers and 3 months sized clothes. Some brands I'm putting him in the 3-6 months size. He's not quite long enough or big enough in the belly for them, but his shoulders are huge! We may have a future linebacker on our hands.

...refuses to take a pacifier. Alas, those days are long gone.

...loves being held, on your shoulder, all the time. This week I gave up and bought yet another baby carrier. This time a backpack-style front carrier and he loves it. This has helped tremendously with the 6-8:00 cranky time and my back is so grateful. a champion sleeper at night. Last night he slept for 12 hours straight!!! He's also a fantastic self-soother. It only took two nights of letting him cry it out (only for two minute intervals) until he could put himself to sleep at night. amazingly strong and coordinated. He's rolling over tummy to back a lot now, and finally in front of Ben. He acts like he may roll over from back to tummy any day now. He's held toys we put in his hand for a long time and occasionally brings them to his mouth. This morning his was batting the animals on his activity mat and for once I was sure it was on purpose. He holds his head up almost the entire time he's being held and a lot when he's on his tummy on the floor.

...his favorite toys are: Zoey, our Boston; his key ring of keys, a bunch of different colored links, his activity mat, and a toy giraffe that "talks" to him. I've never been a great puppeteer and his giraffe kinda sounds like Santa Claus, thankfully Whit doesn't mind. 

...his favorite things to do are: me swiping a tissue over his face, playing "tasty baby" (me "eating" him up with kisses), bath time!, being outside especially if it's windy, and listening to music (and occasionally Mama singing along and dancing-- this was how I managed to cook dinner the other night).

Mama is...

...not looking forward to tomorrow's doctor visit. Shots! Eek!

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