Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"You have a first grader!" what the pediatrician said when he saw how big Whit had gotten since his two week visit. Whit weighed in at a little over 13 lbs. (about 70th percentile) and was in the 50th percentile for length and head circumference. So hooray, we haven't been feeding him too much! The doc and nurse were also pretty surprised that Whit's been sleeping the night through most nights, has been rolling over for weeks (Dr. said that's a 4-month milestone!), and how strong he is trying to stand up. Everything was looking really good for our visit and then... the shots.

Whit (and us) actually did pretty well considering. He didn't care for the sugar water rotavirus vaccine, didn't even mind the first shot, but shots #3 and 4 pissed him off! He had been such a happy baby while we were waiting to see the doctor, it broke our and the nurse's hearts to see him so upset. The nurse was so sad as soon as she was done she cuddled and apologized to Whit. Ben said she was pretty close to crying, too. Oh! I can't imagine having that job!

He only cried for a couple of minutes and calmed down, but didn't sleep. I was shocked! My sisters and I all require a nap after something traumatic, so I was hoping Whit had inherited that trait. He took a few catnaps the rest of the night, but once the fever started coming it was inconsolable. I had been waiting to see if he would even get a fever before giving him any baby Tylenol, but I know better now. Next time I'm giving it to him as soon as we leave the doctor's office, before he gets a chance to feel feverish!

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