Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Yesterday found out my very good friend who is also pregnant, is also having a little boy! Did mention already my doctor is also pregnant and also having a boy? At least we have these youngins staggered a little bit...and by  little bit I mean two weeks a time.

Oy, things will be crazy this week, and probably just going forward in general. So I'm trying to enjoy my little bit of downtime right now. It feels like I'm being lazy enjoying this drizzly day, but eh, I'm earning it. This week I'm 24 weeks along and I'm beginning to not feel so big again. I think it must be like I have a week of growing in which I feel just kind of blah and uncomfortable, followed by a week of staying the same and I feel great. Last week was definitely my uncomfortable growing stage, but the past two days I've felt wonderful. And I still have a belly button, yay!

Today I've been trying to get orders together and pack for one of our monthly trips to Atlanta. And I'm beginning to wonder what we'll do with the business starting next month. I'll be too pregnant to help with the lifting and delivering, and soon we'll just be too preoccupied to keep it up at all. In the mean time, I'm just excited to get a couple of days off with Ben and to watch our first Braves game of the season!

Nursery-wise, I still can't decide on a color and I'm beyond annoyed with that situation, so I'm ignoring it this week. In the meantime, here's some of the things we got for the nursery when it's ready...

Our dresser/changing table craigslist find. $50, just need to finish working on it.

Pottery Barn Kids solar system mobile. It's huge and nerdy! Can't wait to hang it up!

Got a wooden moustache from Earthbound Trading, similar to this. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

Our friends Jelly and Brandy got us three Star Wars/Winnie the Pooh prints. This is my favorite!
Oh yeah I'm glad we're not really going with a theme. It would've been impossible to stick with one since we both love a ton of things in this world and want to share it all with our baby. That and everyone we know is extremely generous!

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