Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So quite a bit has happened since my last post. Our friends, Sara and JT came to visit. My parents plus my youngest sister, Jolie, came to visit. And that last visit was much needed! Mom and I went out shopping for baby stuff and she gave me the low down on things I'll need and things I probably won't need. It was so helpful, that afterwards I went back to my Babies R Us registry and trimmed the fat...down to about 20 items! Since then Ben and I did some research and decided on a stroller and car seat and I've added a few things so the registry doesn't look so barren. I even started another registry at Target. I'm a little nervous that I have too many things between the two registries, but my family lives where there is no Target (and they don't do internet shopping) and Ben's family lives where there's both, but Target is easier to visit for them. Plus, I know if I don't register for enough varied things, my side of the family will just buy whatever they think I need/want and I'll be stuck with it since I won't be able to figure out where it came from.

Oh! This past weekend we had a yard sale and made a whopping....$56. Wah wah wah.... Oh well. I told myself beforehand that I was more interested in getting rid of items and making room than making money. Guess I got my wish!

Nursery progress: A color has been decided upon, and we bought a dresser (and I've begun work on it). I've hung up/put away a lot of things, but now I have even more since our friend Anne sent us two huge boxes of stuff! Hopefully tomorrow I'll manage to get the room primed, taped and ready for painting! Here's a couple of (keeping it real) before shots of the nursery:

Yikes! Hey, I said I was keeping it real...
Being pregnant: Today is probably the first day I felt pregnant. Realized I'm probably too big for my normal scrubs anymore and need to buy some new ones. I keep having these strange pains or maybe I should call them pangs since they're quick. At our last visit, the doctor said it was round ligament pain, but I just don't think so. It feels like someone (oh, graphic warning here for a sec) shoving an ice pick up inside me, which just doesn't sound like round ligament pain to me.

But the biggest news by far is I finally felt the little bambino kick! I haven't felt anything until about a week ago, and boy was it a kick! Everything I read said that it feels like butterflies or gas bubbles, nahhhh. I felt nothing and then, wham!, I saw my shirt move. Ben and I were so excited and he tried so hard to feel a kick, but the little guy would never show off for his dad. One day, though.

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