Thursday, April 5, 2012

it will happen one way or another...

Had another doctor's appointment yesterday. I've been so relieved Ben has been able to go to every one of these visits. I could handle them on my own, but it means a lot to me that he is always there. Pretty normal visit, mostly just talking with the doctor about what to expect, what to do/not do. She got on to me about my gladiator sandals yesterday, which is hilarious to me because normally I wear hideous sneakers. I'm very much a comfort over looks kinda gal. But the most interesting thing was, we found out that my OB-GYN is also pregnant! She's due at the end of August, a few weeks after us and is also having a little boy. It's funny I've been grumbling about people not asking if I'm pregnant or saying that I don't look it, and here was someone I've been seeing every month and I had no idea she was expecting too!

I'm only a little nervous about it. Dr. Redden thinks she will still be around by the time we deliver, but just in case we will be meeting with the other doctors at the practice (one of whom is also about to give birth in the next month or so). I swear, it really is in the water here! Now if I could just get my sister, Shanna, and her husband up here...

So excited for later on today! My parents and Jolie will be visiting again, and it will be Jolie's 12th birthday tomorrow and they're bringing baby things with them! And taking a few non-baby things away with them! I'm really excited for Jolie's birthday, since we live five hours away from each other it's been hard to visit for her birthdays. But this year, I'm baking her a rainbow layer cake (wish me luck), taking her to the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, and Ben and I got her a few gifts. We got her a few of these Skylander toys she collects and a Justin Bieber toothbrush that sings. That last one is a joke gift since she wouldn't be caught dead liking the Biebs and Ben has been threatening to get her one for a month now. I can't wait to see her face! I have a few other ideas for things we could do if we need them, too. I just worry about her feeling left out with the baby coming. She's always been the baby of our small family and I wonder what she thinks about all this. But hopefully she (and everyone else) will have a great time this weekend!

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