Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday (cue maniacal laughter)

I've almost completed my Christmas shopping list this year (the usual culprits are proving again hard to shop for) and I've bought quite a bit of it already! I'm a little aggravated with myself that I had originally planned on buying small for everyone this year, and well, THAT didn't happen. I have been trying to keep track of the spending and reminding myself that Whit doesn't need so much this year! Plus, I've called in every favor, used every gift card I've amassed over the year, DIYed a few gifts, worked out which coupons were worth the most and sold things on eBay to supplement the rest of my spending. And boy has it been tiring!

Speaking of boy, having a baby has actually helped a ton in the Christmas department. First, everyone expects for you to be broke, thank goodness! Second, you can give pictures as gifts (and those little ornaments that makes a cast of their foot or hand). Third, when you're walking around Target at the pretty decorations, if you stop too long at something (because you're debating on buying it) your baby starts getting fussy, so you leave without buying it. I told Whit he must be on his father's side about this saving money business and that I'll thank him someday.

Oh, and was I one of those nuts waiting in line since Wednesday to buy anything at a huge discount? Hell no! I am a firm believer in staying your butt home on Thanksgiving and Black Friday! After working in retail for years, and Ben still does, I've seen how people act on Black Friday and it's ridiculous. It's also ridiculous that retailers keep pushing back their opening times every year. And since the only way to protest in this country is with your pocketbook, I bought Christmas presents and whatever we would need for the weekend on Wednesday and I refuse to leave the house until Monday. It's silly anyway, the doorbusters are just last year's leftovers and if they're not then you can get them on sale Wednesday or the entire weekend after Thanksgiving.

Anyway! (Shake it off, shake it off)

I'm getting more and more excited about Whit's first Christmas! And a little concerned. Ben and I have been discussing which traditions we should keep, discard, renew, or if we should start our own. The big debate right now is the big guy in red. But more on that later!

For now, enjoy this cute picture of my newest little bulldog fan...
For it is still the South, and still football season!

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