Sunday, November 11, 2012


Whit and I had to go to Toys R Us yesterday, which turns out was a bad idea. I had no clue that Christmas in retail was already starting, but that may be from us becoming hermits these past couple of weeks. (It's the only way to keep me from spending money unnecessarily!) Anyhoo, it was cray-cray: tons of people, tons of  sales, and Christmas music was already playing. Normally, I love Christmas, but the past few haven't been as wonderful as I would like. Two years ago, we barely got moved into our house in time to decorate, then I had a nasty bout of the flu. Last year I was so nauseated from the pregnancy that I didn't *really* decorate. So this year I was all excited about finally getting to decorate our home and especially with it being Whit's first, and then... We may move. Then, we probably won't move, but we definitely will be broke. Ugh!

So. Right now I'm selling off most of my maternity clothes and a few pre-pregnancy pieces on ebay to pay off the medical bills. And hopefully by black Friday we'll have enough to buy Christmas presents and the new things we'll need this year. Like stockings! Ben and I have never had stockings for ourselves, but I guess this year I need to find all three of us one. Which has started quite a flurry of Google searches, Facebook queries and a little soul searching. It would be easy to find some pretty stockings to by and have our names embroidered, but the crafty person in me just can't stand that idea. But then the not-so-crafty side reminds me that all I can do is sew and it's been years since I've embroidered. Herumph.

Felted stockings?

 Quilted stockings? And I haven't tried quilting in a loooong time.

Or straight up sewn stocking? Kinda plain jane.
Then again making one is dependent on just how much time I actually get to work on them. And with Ben working in retail that time alone to craft is shrinking by the week!


  1. Hey! Just got your comment on my blog! I'm so glad you commented - I'm adding your blog to my google reader!

    1. Thanks hon! I love finding other Southern chick blogs! :D