Thursday, November 29, 2012

CPR certification

Yesterday at work we had CPR certification and it was actually fun. I didn't have to get certified, since I'm really just a glorified receptionist, but the office was paying for everyone and the class covered infant and children, so I thought why not? Boy am I glad I did! I had no idea how often or how much the rules change in CPR from year to year. The last time I was certified over ten years ago and apparently none of those rule apply anymore!

The office and our stylish dummies. Can you tell I work for an optometrist?

I was a little worried that I would get upset when it came time to learn about infant CPR and rescue breathing, but thankfully I kept my cool. Until the instructor starts telling us stories! The guy was super nice, but he's an EMT so death doesn't shock him anymore. He would tell us stories and you going along thinking everything is fine and then he ends the story with "two weeks later he died." I could barely keep my mouth from hanging open the entire time. 

As we were going over the choking infant portion I realized that I had heard or read this information while I was pregnant and had just forgotten it since then. Thankfully I haven't needed to know it, but Whit did give me a scare once choking during a bottle. But now I feel confident if something happens I can handle it and I'm so grateful. I tried to show Ben last night when I got home, but his eyes got so big and worried. He asked if I'd try to show him again tomorrow.

It's funny how well Ben and I complement each other. In every day life I'm the one getting flustered over the little things and quick to lose it and he's so calm. But in emergencies or even planning for emergencies, I'm the calm one and Ben gets a little freaked out.

Anyway, if you have kids (or even if you don't - the instructor did point out all of us are just ticking timebombs walking around) take the time to get CPR training! You may never need it, but I feel so much better knowing what to do just in case.

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