Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No longer a newborn...

...because someone has graduated to infant!

At three months, Whit... still a morning baby. He is definitely at his best at 8-9am, and is slowly losing his dislike for the early evening. Yay! still in size 2 diapers. And is getting a little too long and too wide for some 3 month old clothes, but is a little too short for 6 month old clothes. getting stronger every day! He is so close to rolling over from back to belly, has begun sitting up fairly well with just a hand on his back or holding his hands, and has started scooting on his back! Today I had put him on his activity mat while I fed the dogs, when I came back a couple of minutes later he had scooted his head off the mat, off the rug and almost into the wall! The poor guy had a curtain over his face, haha!

...loves for people to sing to him. And really loves for people to talk with him. Though he hasn't spoken much, apparently no one has the magic touch in that department except my friend Summer.

...finally got to meet his other great-grammie, other uncle, and a LOT of cousins last week.

...has started noticing the television, which has made me very nervous. longer minds clothes changing at all. Sometimes he thinks it's pretty funny.

...has laughed out loud for real twice!

...runs hot. We're still walking during the day when we can (since I've gone back to work), and I don't have to worry about bundling him up because when we get back he usually has sweat through his clothes. loves his infant/toddler rocker/chair his Mimi got him. He loves the vibrations, which came in handy when he had a fever and didn't want to be held.

...helped Mama vote in his first election. And boy did those poll workers eat him up!

...loves playing tasty baby, bath time (now just on a towel in the tub, instead of his sling-thing), dancing, anything involving playing with his feet (especially "patty feet"), and is a huge fan of ceiling fans. (yeah yeah, I had to do it!)

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