Thursday, June 27, 2013

Satisfied is not the same as settling.

I'm a terrible blogger. And not because I don't write often, but because once I get a chance to I can't think of anything to write about. All day I'll come up with things I want to remember or seem worth writing down and as soon as I sit down: poof! I'm left with this "durrrrr" and a blank screen.

Right now Ben is unsuccessfully trying to get Whit down for the night in our 78-degree house. Those things would be my fault. Today was my first day back as a mostly full-time employee and I may have turned the air off when we got up this morning. I honestly don't remember doing this, but it sounds like me. And since it was in the mid-90s... oh wait...

Okay sorry, Whit just dumped one of the dog's water bowls on himself. Then the cat escaped while trying to get the barking dogs inside. Where were we?

Right, I arrived home to a stifling house after working a full shift for the first time in over a year! At least work went well. When I was driving home I thought about life and how happy I was at that moment. And how 18 year old Ashley would be so disappointed, but she was young and foolish (and wild). I looked at the old barns and sprawling green pastures and thought, "but it feels so GOOD to work a full day, getting things done and brightening a few people's day, come home to my husband and baby, and just bake cheddar biscuits, dammit!" The cheddar biscuits were only okay.

Ben challenged me to a weight loss competition last week. So far I'm winning, but barely. And since I'm PMSing, I'm a little nervous. My weakness for carbs is getting worse. And it's too hot to run, or even walk for that matter. I tried to walk with Whit last night and he protested. Loudly. Anyway, I'm stoked I lost 5 lbs in one week. Weight Watchers is the bomb! One of the chicks from work has been doing it for a while now and lost 50 lbs. So when I started to plateau, I figured why not. The first couple of days are hard, and I'm not sure I could do it in the winter, but hey it's working so far.

Let's see, big things on our "To Done" list:

+ Paid off a major credit card. Huzzah!
+ Thought about buying Ben a car again.
+ Whit sort of took his first step. AH!

He keeps trying to walk without holding on to anything, but he hasn't stuck the landing yet. Supposedly he did last night, but I missed it. So it didn't really happen, right?

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