Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Self-feeding FTW

Originally we jumped on the BLW bandwagon because Whit tried to feed himself at an early age. He was grabbing at his spoon, at our food and trying to chew everything he got. So I started him on puffs a little sooner than suggested, then gave him some overcooked broccoli to see how that went. Now, almost every meal is him feeding himself. We're still sort of following the structure the pediatrician recommended: cereal + fruit in the morning, protein, veg or fruit for lunch, and veg + cereal at night. Just replace those cereals with grains, and reduce their size a little. I'm not a carb-friendly person generally, so I just don't think about it that much. That said, lately I've been trying to get Whit to use a spoon by himself, so we've taken up the cereal again. It's something that doesn't stain when it ends up EVERYWHERE, and I know it won't kill the dogs when they help clean up.

He's slowly getting the hang of it.


It's funny, our battle over feeding lately has me convinced this kid is going to tell us when he's ready for change. A couple of weeks ago is when he started grabbing his spoon and not letting go. So I got him these Tommy Tippee spoons and some suction bottom bowls (the bowls aren't great at staying, but that may be thanks to his high chair's tray) to try out. I'll put a little cereal on his spoon, put the spoon in his hand and let him try. He's mostly got the concept down: put spoon in mouth. It takes him a while to get the food off the spoon and sometimes the spoon goes in his eye. After a while he gets aggravated and flings his spoon around and cereal goes flying. Yup, that would be my temper he's inherited.

But I have to say he's picking it up pretty quickly and I'm proud. I'm even prouder of how much different food he's eaten and likes! So far he hasn't met a food he hates. And I get a certain thrill from giving him something new, so it's keeping our horizons expanded around here.

Blueberries and provolone. Ben said it made his French side jealous.

Last night: avocado and spaghetti (for the first time) with homemade pasta sauce
 Of course he likes fruits and veggies. So far he's had: blueberries, strawberries, avocado, tomato, broccoli, carrots, kale, spinach, banana, cantaloupe. Tomato was the only one he was unsure about. For grains we've tried quinoa, rice, various breads (usually from my plate when we're eating out), pancakes, and now pasta. I've just recently started testing out proteins, so he's only had chicken, boiled egg, and salmon. That's probably going to be the hardest part of keeping up with his appetite. I'm not home all the time and when during the week I barely have enough time to cook for the adults and sometimes we cheat with fast food. But I don't want that for Whit. I had been relying on his baby food purees, but now that he's refusing to eat those, I'll have to start planning our meals a little better. And possibly cooking on my off time. Or maybe if I could get "Dada" to start helping out...

First time he tried avocado. The kid could eat a whole one if I let him!

The absolute best thing about Whit feeding himself is when we go out to eat. I bring his place mat, we give him what would be okay off our plates and let him go to town. It's easy and it keeps us in check too, trying to order things that are healthier, low-fat, low-sodium. Or as much as you can in a restaurant these days.

Either wontons or bean sprouts from our pho restaurant.
Now if we could just get the hang of sippy cups...

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