Monday, June 10, 2013

Whit's headshots are in!

A couple weeks ago Whit and I went up to Nashville to meet my friend Lu of Skip to my Lu Studios to take pictures for Whit's baby headshots. And last week they came in the mail, oh it was like Christmas! 

Definitely getting this guy framed: 

I will admit it was a little tough. It's hard enough keeping a newly mobile baby still, much less in the middle of downtown Nashville with about a hundred people in cowboy hats walking by oohing and ahhing over him. Oh, and did I mention it was nearly 90 degrees and crazy humidity? Lu asked if I wanted any shots of us together, and I declined (which I regret now) because my makeup had long ago melted off and my clothes were getting soaked with sweat and slobber. Oh well, live and learn...

I adore his smile in this, but man look at those guns!
Speaking of live and learn, I did not learn how to get more smiles out of this little guy! Out of 100 shots or so, I bet only 10 of them had smiles. Mostly moody, wide-eyed pictures, which is a great look for him, it's just not his usual self. And yes, he even gave us the "look over your should like you have a secret" pose.

My second favorite:

We already sent off a couple of submission packets to agents in Nashville for him, so we'll see. And we've already had a friend of Ben's family ask if I was trying to relive my acting days. To which I would like to reply, 

A. My acting days are not over. In fact, one of the agents in town has open calls every few months and I think me and Whit both will be attending the next one.

B. Heck no! This is about college money, yo. Ben and I both agree this is no different than if Whit was 17 and working a part-time job. We only do this as long as it's fun for him and not stressful for us. And if he makes any money, great, into the college fund! 

C. Dang I grow cute babies! (I know, not a reply, but I had to point it out)

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