Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Market

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. About a month ago my mother and I had a fairly intense fight and I'm slowly getting over it. My typical response when shit hits the fan is to run around being busy, then maybe most of it won't land on me. Honestly, I don't know what to do about it since there's been no resolution aside from just keep living life as well as I can. So, then, back to the blog...

So there's this group around here of Etsy types that get together once or twice a year and sell their wares. The sale used to be only around Christmas in a barn nearby, but this year I guess they had enough interest to do a summer one. And it was awesome! It was held at a local plantation-type house called Homestead Manor in Thompson's Station. I never realized how pretty that house and its grounds were until now. There's so many beautiful old trees that it was wonderful to be there, but almost impossible to take a decent picture!

There were all sorts of cool things. I honestly didn't think I would find a lot of things that would crank my tractor, since I'm not a huge burlap and chevron fan, but thankfully I was wrong. Not about the burlap and chevrons, there were a ton of those. But there was also a lot of architectural salvage, which I LURVE.

Seriously, I want to build a cottage around these shutters!

And there were actual artisans, thrifted stuff redone, and some new things I hadn't seen yet, but would actually like to own. Maybe we'll get a yard Yahtzee when Whit is a little older.

Now that's my kind of market!
I didn't take a picture of all my booty, but I did pretty well in the "finding stuff I didn't realize I needed until I saw it" category. I bought a few prints (geez, I really need to learn how to make my own), some hair ties (finally seeing what all the fuss was about), a summer infinity scarf, some earrings, and a plant stake. I really wanted some of those letters, but at $28 a piece, I'll pass. My favorite buy though:

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  1. You have much more restraint than I do. I would have snapped up one of those letters, so cool! I loved the wine/vendors sign. I would have bee-lined it to the left. :)