Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Ben!

Yesterday was Ben's 35th! Wow, that sounds... not old, but... grown up. When I first met Ben he was 26 and I was 19, so every year at our birthdays I am amazed at how much we've changed. Although, Ben hasn't changed much. He's still the funny, handsome, kind, way too intelligent, considerate and PATIENT man I met ten years ago. It's me that's changed so much and because of him (and in this instance it's a good thing). Because of him, I've learned when bad things happen it's not the end of the world, way too much about astrophysics, and that together we can take on anything. We have taken on lots of adventures together: a long distance relationship, college, moving in together, marriage, many many moves (two across the country), dropping everything and living in California to pursue my dream, buying a house, starting a business, starting a family. 

I can't remember what we were laughing about the other night, all I remember is that it's because he and I are the same kind of crazy. Ben joked we should write a song called that. And we are the same kind of crazy, I think that's why we work together. We understand each other and our terrible jokes. There's nothing I could say that would scare him away and there's nothing he could say that would scare me away. When I was at my lowest after having Whit, I bared my soul to Ben for an afternoon afraid of what he would think and he just hugged me and told me that everything was going to be fine and that I wasn't crazy, my hormones were. By the way, husbands, sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

Whoa, can you tell how old this picture is? I think this circa 2005? What was this taken with, a 3MP camera?
Did I mention 'handsome'?
Our "happiest place on Earth" picture. The day we visited Disneyland was probably the wettest, coldest day ever while we lived in Anaheim.

Ever since having Whit, daily I am reminded what a wonderful man Ben is. I always thought he would be a great father and boy was I right! That little man reserves his biggest smiles for his papa. Yesterday morning when I came in from my run Whit was standing on Ben's lap, holding his hands together and giving him huge gummy smiles and almost-laughs. So far Ben's the only one who can get Whit to laugh on a regular basis! For instance:

After having lots of playtime with Whit, the little man went to spend the night with his grandma and we had Chipotle for lunch since we were both craving it for a while, went to visit our friend who runs a comic book shop in town and played a few games. Then we went to the Melting Pot for supper, which is always good, but this new Memphis BBQ pork they have is amazing! Afterwards we came home and celebrated Ben's birthday and Prohibition Repeal Day with a bottle of riesling. As a bonus we both got to sleep in today and it was so wonderful! 

Since we only get the strawberries and banana for the chocolate course, our server had to improvise, haha.
So Happy Birthday to my husband and best friend, I look forward to many many more together. And those gray beard hairs that are coming in look so distinguished! ;-) 

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