Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Four Months!

At four months, Whit... now in size 3 diapers. No more swaddlers :( a growing boy! This week he grew out of some jeans I had just bought last week. He's now mostly in 6 months clothes. His 3 month old onesies are pretty much only used as undershirts now.

...laughed! We've heard a couple of hearty laughs and a few real giggles from him now! consistently rolling over from belly to back. And has started a new thing where he looks like he's trying to do a backstroke on land. It's quite hilarious.

...loves for me to sing "The Christmas Song" and "La Cucaracha" to him. going to bed MUCH easier and, with the exception of a couple of nights, still sleeps the whole night through. MUCH better at the ride home from his grandparents now. But I think the Christmas lights along the way may be why.

...has a tooth coming in! We noticed it Tuesday and are so excited there's progress on all this gnawing and drooling.

...had a great time at his first Thanksgiving. While we ate he was entranced with the chandelier and babbled at it all through dinner.

...babbles so much more. He's stopped saying consonants in favor of "oohs", "aahs" and the occasional "WHOA". very adept at blowing raspberries with and without his tongue.

...loves to dance... a lot!

...also still loving walks (and occasional jogs in our new jogging stroller), bath time and his puppies. Now loves playing "little bunny foo foo", "itsy bitsy spider", and holding anything that makes noise. a big fan of our Christmas tree, his bumbo, and a new color-spinning toy I got for his high chair.

...went to his first storytime at the library and it was a huge hit!

...found out who he really looks like. My mom posted a picture of my youngest sister visiting Santa for the first time and if it weren't for the girly clothes, you would have thought it was Whit. such a funny kid. His expressions slay me. For instance...

I think someone didn't feel like having a photo shoot today.


  1. What a cute santa baby! Swaddlers come in size 3 on Amazon! Our chub-o 19 pound baby is still rocking those puppies!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you! They really are the best diapers, especially since the hubby still needs a line to figure out if Whit's wet. Oy!