Friday, December 28, 2012

Whit's latest achievement...mobility!

We had a great Christmas and I hope everyone else did too!

Santa was very good to us, not that our little guy noticed. He's learned something new: scooting.

Just ignore that post-present-opening mess and you'll see... We had put him on his activity mat and he managed to scoot all over the living room rug. Silly boy!

We would put him back and he'd start all over again. He did about three laps at our house and three more at the in-laws. He's obsessed with scooting! The past three nights he's had trouble sleeping because he wants so badly to practice his new skill. So we just put him on the floor and let him go, occasionally turning him around so he doesn't hit his head on the hardwoods.

Maybe after he's mastered this he'll care about his presents!

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