Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa! Sort of...

I need to be a pushy mom.

Yesterday my only goal was for Whit to see Santa. After a few mishaps, mainly me driving all over town to find a new car seat because the cat annihilated Whit's, we finally got to the mall... right as Santa took his break. I was thisclose to having a break down at that point. Thankfully Ben calmed me down and we did a little shopping until Santa got back. Go through the line in about 45 minutes, get to the big guy and he was sooooo weird! He even called my child a "ball buster". WTF?! I was so boggled and drained we took the picture, and I didn't ask to retake it even though Whit's jeans are up to his knees and it's driving my OCD crazy. Oh well. At least my little man has made the picture worthwhile...

I don't think he's impressed.

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