Friday, December 21, 2012

Storytime and Mail

Since Wednesday Whit has had a great week. Wednesday he spent all day with his dad while I worked, and the boy was so excited he didn't take a nap all day and fought going to sleep that night pretty hard. (He's had a great time, but this mom is exhausted. Who knew one day would mess up his schedule sooo badly?) Anyway, Thursday brought his grandma back to town after being gone a couple of days and then today was our library's monthly storytime for babies. I wish they did it more often, because Whit adores it! And it's not like there's a ton of activities for babies out there, though there needs to be. This kid always wants to be on the go and doing something.

So much so I can never read him a book myself. When he was only a couple of weeks old we started everyday with a bottle and reading some of Winnie-the-Pooh and then one day he couldn't stand it anymore. Or any book. I can't even open one! As soon as I pick it up, here come the water works. Ben's a little sad by it since we both love to read. I was okay with it until today. Now I'm starting to have the new mom worries: Is it normal? Should I read to him anyway? Am I hindering him by not reading to him? Hopefully he'll grow out of this dislike of books, and I wouldn't mind soon!

Y'all. I am so happy this year we finally started getting some Christmas cards from other people! Every year I send out a stack with the tiniest glimmer of hope I'll get a couple from other people. This year we're up to six! You know, you'd think only six cards means we have no friends or family, but we have tons just hardly any of them write. Oh how I love getting mail and writing letters to people! It really is a lost art and I've tried to instigate more and more letter writing and card sending. I send more Christmas cards every year than the year before, I send out cards for birthdays and holidays, now I just need to send actual letters. Though I would be afraid of getting a Facebook message as a reply.

Anyhoo wanted to show off my Christmas card display I made this year...

I originally saw this on Living in the Woods and needed something a little smaller, so couldn't fit the lights on too. But we really dig it! I think I may keep it for other things during the year since there's nothing about it that screams Christmas.

And it was super easy to make. Get a frame without a back. Mine came from Michael's (the only bad thing about living in our town is with so many "antique" dealers, all the goodies are picked out of the thrift stores before you get there). Get some twine. Attach said twine with thumbtacks to back of frame in a zig-zaggy manner. Clip cards onto twine with mini-clothespins. Done!

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