Tuesday, March 19, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 10

Sorry I'm late posting this and haven't been posting much, but we've had a healthy dose of real life around here! The weather warmed up for a few days and everyone here got spring fever and had to be outside. Or, in my case, had to be outside working. I definitely got the "love to get my hands dirty" gene in my family. It doesn't always work out, but I'm so happy when it does. That first picture is of some pulmonaria Ben and I planted last year from very tiny seedlings. We did it a tad too early and I kept having to throw sheets over them at night, so I was shocked to see they survived and we're getting blooms already! The spirea has bloomed and is already losing those blooms, and not pictured, but our forsythia look marvelous. Ben's brother was in town a few nights, so we went out to the local seafood joint to enjoy some raw oysters and live music. And for once I didn't mind the band! Usually music around here is country, only country and it's just not my bag. Whit has been "experiencing" some new gear this week. I put up the swing he got for Christmas the first day it was above 60 degrees, and he loved it. I was throwing a ball for the dogs and he would watch and giggle whenever they came back. He's also spending more time in his pack n play, or as we call it baby prison. He just gotten so darn mobile, we have to put him in there to do anything, like go to the bathroom! He likes smushing his face against the mesh and blowing on it. It's the funniest thing to see when you come back in the room!

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  1. We've had to bust out the kidtainer too...that's what I call the pack & play...I wouldn't worry about it, but with the fireplace & brick hearth I can't leave him alone long enough to pee! Lol

    I love your hilarious kid & can't wait to see him again!