Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY toy, aka- Pinterest win!

Here's where I found the original tutorial thanks to Pinterest...

I've had the pin saved for a while now, just waiting for Whit to grow up enough to enjoy it. Plus, I had purged our closet yet again, it's a slow process for me when it comes to clothes, so the time had come! I cut out biggish squares from each shirt, skirt, scarf, whatever I had with pinking shears. The original tutorial mentions hemming, but I did not have the time, but did have some pinking shears. 

Stuff them into an old wipes container. I buy our wipes at Sam's, so we get a new container each time and I've got a few to spare. Just need to find some ideas for the others I've got lying around...

And BAM! Instant joy...

Mostly Whit enjoyed eating the fabric, but occasionally he would have a piece in both hands and start waving them around madly. It was so adorable! It's interesting seeing how he plays with it, because he'll do things I never imagined. Excuse me, that's the actor in me talking. Acting is always about the choices you make. So Whit will become fascinated with the top, opening and shutting it a bunch of times, and I'm just sitting there thinking "what an interesting choice". Who knew this kid was going to give me acting lessons, too?

This was definitely a success. One of the best things about it is if I put his boppy behind him it will buy me at least 10 minutes of quiet play. Long enough to get some dishes or laundry started, thank goodness!

I've pinned a few more of these to try, but most are for when little man is a tad older. Anyone else seen any good DIY toy ideas?


  1. Ooohhh...sewn together or loose? We'll be in Meridian this weekend & Mama is bound to have fabric scraps galore.

  2. Loose. If you put enough in, one will come out after another like real wipes.

  3. Sweet! I'm raiding her sewing room! Looks like a good sitting toy, he's sitting pretty well now, especially if he has something to keep his attention