Thursday, March 28, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 12

Cold and snow again this week! Except today, which was a balmy 51 degrees and let us get a walk in. Thank goodness, I needed the workout. Because I'm afraid I'll be embarassed Saturday for the Color Run! Over the weekend Ben's dad and stepmom drove through town twice and visited a little both times. Allowing Whit to try his first Thai... just kidding! I did give him a few bean sprouts to chew on, and he tore those suckers up. But most of the week was spent watching Whit becoming a great crawler. He would venture about a foot then sit, look at me and start clapping. It's so cute that he's congratulating himself on going further and further. And thank goodness he doesn't care too much about things around him yet, I've been slowly babyproofing around whatever he notices. He'll point out an outlet, and I'll say "thank you, you're right, I should put a cover on that" as I'm doing so. The more and more he explores, the closer and closer I get to just wrapping him in bubble wrap and calling it a day!

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