Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random life stuff

I finally got my rings resized and look like a married woman again! Huzzah!

Whit has noticed the reflections on the ceiling and walls when I was silverware. His face is priceless: complete wonder, mouth hanging open, eyes wide.

Whit has also started his gangster lean when riding in a stroller. At the end of a walk I find him leaned over on one side, head cocked, and one foot up on the tray-bar thingy.

The weight loss has kinda stalled at 20 lbs left to lose. :( I'm hoping it's just because the weather was so cold there for a while I couldn't run with the baby. I'm hoping we can start up again soon.

So much good TV on right now: Justified, The Americans, Psych, New Girl, and Game of Thrones soon!

Today Whit said "da", so we're halfway there!

He also tried to chew electrical cords. I'm considering bubble-wrapping the entire house. ::face palm::

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