Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Seven Months!

At seven months, Whit...

...weighs at least 20 lbs. Haven't done measurements yet, so I will get on that! wearing 9 months clothes when it comes to outfits, but had to get bumped up to 12 months pajamas. Just because he's got such a long torso (you're welcome, hon!). still wearing Swaddlers size 4, thank goodness!

...sits up by himself very well. Occasionally he takes a tumble and falls HARD. He's *almost* crawling. Right now he crawls backwards great, he just can't seem to reverse it. He can go from on his belly to sitting up by himself (which was very shocking the first few times we saw it). And he can stand by himself holding on the the ottoman, with someone behind him of course. So I think standing may be soon... has SIX teeth! Four on top and two on the bottom. And may be getting more, he's been drooling like a mad man this week. I can't wait for him to slow down and not wear bibs constantly. has a first cousin!!! By the way, that's what the asterisk is all about. We took his seven month old pictures at 7 mos, 3 days because on his seven month day I was in Meridian for the birth of my nephew, Logan. 

...and then Whit got sick. Friday night he projectile vomited all over me... three times. And boy did I learn a lesson. Don't try to cover up impending vomit, you'll just succeed in covering your baby with throw-up. And babies don't know to not open their eyes when covered in a watery substance. Worst. parenting. moment. ever. 

...has grown a taste for fruits since we've started Plum organic blends.

...has become fascinated with us drinking out of cups and cans. I can't hold him and drink out of a glass without him grabbing it and trying to drink it himself. And he's pretty good at drinking out of a cup. Much better than the sippy cups, which he managed to use the other day. Sort of. 

...loves chewing hoodie strings. And loves grabbing my necklace, hair and glasses. 

...finally likes books! He likes to chew on them! Just kidding, he also likes being read to now as well. 

...said "mama" a few times. AHHHHH!!! Since then he's only babbled a few times and started up his squealing again. And he loves it when I squeal back at him.

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  1. Love it! He's so much more physically advanced than Pierce, but he's getting there.
    I'm so glad the vomit was a one night thing!! I hated that for you guys!
    Hugs & kisses Whit