Friday, March 29, 2013

The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!

Or rather our Citrus Lane box is here! Our Citrus Lane box is here! (PS- If you don't know that quote, watch The Jerk with Steve Martin... muy funny) Ermahgerd, can I tell you how excited I was for this gem to show up on our doorstep? It was like Christmas all over again, except for real because I didn't have to tell anyone what I wanted!

Here's a few pics of Whit enjoying our spoils. Pardon the cruddy iPhone pics!

Something new! Naturally, in the mouth...

Art cards!

Those were the two big hits for Whitman in the box. There was also a pair of really nice organic socks, which I'm not gonna lie I was all like "So-ocks?" like a kid getting underwear for Christmas. There was a couple of nutrition packets for babies that were a little weird. Whit spent about five minutes trying to rip them free of their plastic wrap... he's a little proud of his teeth. I'm not sure if we'll actually use them, I think they'll get put in one of our emergency stashes. I don't know, powdered peas, really?

We also got a tube of Calendula Weather Protection Cream which has been wonderful for these last cold days. I just wish we had gotten it sooner, we had such a hard time with Whit's cheeks getting chapped all the time. I've heard there's usually a treat for moms in these boxes as well, but if you google March's box you'll see a lot of grumbling about our little gift. It was a $20 off code for but only for new customers... and you get that discount already... lame.

All in all, it wasn't a bad deal, especially since I got half off the box. And I'm just as excited about next month's box! If you'd like to give it a try, and get $10 off your order, you can sign up here. The best thing about it (aside from the goodies) is you can cancel any time, so no pressure!

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