Friday, March 8, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 9

Obviously most of my pictures are about my new nephew, Thor... ahem, I mean Logan! It's been cold and snowing here again last week, so Whit and I occupied ourselves with homemade toys and around the house stuff. But then Tuesday I got the news that my sister would be induced the next morning. So I drove five and half hours by myself early Wednesday and got to Meridian just in time to say a quick hello to my sis and then things got a little scary.

She started throwing up (and apparently had done so all day) which started upsetting the baby, his heart rate got down in the 50's. So the nurses kicked all of us out and started calling the doctor to do an emergency c-section. They took her back to surgery so fast that her poor husband didn't get to go back before Logan was born! But thankfully, baby and mom were both fine. And boy is he a cutie! And just as aware as Whit was when he was born. Logan has already looked me dead in the eyes a couple of times. Of course, I cried. All these poor boys around such weepy women!

Oh it was wonderful being with my sister and her new little family for a few hours. I wish I could have stayed longer, but motherhood and work called and I had to come back home.

Oh I still want to cry and how precious little Logan is and how cute they all are together!

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